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What is Linkedin?

With more than 380 million members, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals and one of the top social networks overall. But are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential?

With new social networks sprouting up constantly, LinkedIn is a platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner. But the truth is, LinkedIn can be extremely powerful especially when you’re aware of all the platform’s hidden features that don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve.

Uses of Linkedin

There are several uses of LinkedIn, if used well it can help you in growing professionally. Few are listed below:

LinkedIn Pulse | A Reader’s Platform

A platform for users to read and write content which will help them in their professional life. The topics usually covered are related to business fields namely Marketing, Business Development, Finance, HR, Social Media, etc.


LinkedIn can be used to network with professional people and organisations effectively.Company pages keep you updated with the recent advancements.

Find a Job

With the increase of users, LinkedIn has grown a Hiring Platform, and is widely used by both employers and and employees.

Brainstorm and Host Meaningful Conversations

LinkedIn groups provides the users with a platform to discuss ideas, brainstorm over specific topics, share best case studies and get their queries solved.


These days LinkedIn profiles are used for “Social Profiling”. You can not only increase your visibility but share your own story. Employers and Marketers use the profile section to carry out a research for their prospects.

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