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LinkedIn groups are by far the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn. Hands down.

People build their entire business, market a number of products and services, sell out their paid events, and become thought leaders in their niche all around a single LinkedIn group.

Most people who have created groups on LinkedIn know the benefits. However, for those who have not created one yet, follow below steps to create your own group,

Set clear goals

The goals of your group will dictate many things–for example whether your group will be a closed or open community. Goals can change over time, but you should have some–and they shouldn’t be about self-promotion. “Have a mission and a passion for the community you will be building.”

Review Your LinkedIn Group Name and Description

The name you give your group and the description you provide are critical to attracting the right members. You want to make sure that you use keywords in the title and description of your group, because these will show up in LinkedIn group searches.

Post Rules. LinkedIn group rules set the stage for interaction, which topics are acceptable, whether self-promotion is encouraged or not. Rules also allow the group manager to effectively moderate discussions.

Acquisition strategies

It’s highly suggested that you screen new members, as it’s important to get the right people in your group, people who are not only your target audience, but who are going to be able to contribute effectively to your group.

Help Your Members Promote Themselves

One of the biggest complaints about LinkedIn Groups is the number of people who join simply to promote themselves or their business — and then hijack the group discussion boards to do so.

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