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It’s not easy to add connections on LinkedIn anymore. Everyone wants to protect their network – and with good reason. LinkedIn is still largely a main social networking tool for entrepreneurs and companies. Just as in the real world of business, building, maintaining and interacting with a network of contacts is key to growing. It’s important to always think of LinkedIn as a business tool first and foremost, with a little socializing thrown in. Your contacts on LinkedIn are colleagues or acquaintances.

Here are some you can follow to Improve your Connection on Linkedin

Optimizing your profile in the right way

It does not seem to be urgent when your actual goal here is to grow your network, but maximizing your LinkedIn profile is really important. A complete profile page is generally filled with the required information, branding, and keywords that will lead you with new connections. LinkedIn has said own search engine where people search with specific keywords in order to make your profile come up.

Post Status Updates Daily

It’s important to be active on LinkedIn, and that starts with posting status updates every day. Think of your LinkedIn updates the same way as any social media post. Make sure they add value, talk about your business and include a call to action.

Post high-quality Content

Good content can be highly targeted and should accomplish two goals. First, it should teach others how to solve a problem or how to do their job better. And it then establishes you as a thought leader in that space.

Be Active

If you are making an account on LinkedIn so remain active. Don’t just make an account to use it for one day and then forget the purpose of your account on LinkedIn. In order to get more connections you must be active enough to entertain more people or professionals on your account.

Personalize Connection Requests

Again, this is about making business personal.
If you see someone you’d like to connect with, don’t just send them the standard LinkedIn message but personalize it: “I really like what you do…”, “I’m interested on hearing what you think of…” and so on.

A complete list of your connections

LinkedIn is a tool for keeping track of all your connections past and present. This will be useful when you are ready for a job search or when you need a resource to answer a question for you. As your professional network grows, it gets more difficult to remember everyone.

When you’re joining LinkedIn, you’re not only joining a social network, you’re joining a feed-driven network looking to interact and swap ideas. Once you start building your brand on LinkedIn, you’ll be amazed by the number of opportunities that come knocking your door.

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